Everything you need to know about Freshers Week

What is Freshers' Week?


Let’s start with the basics, Freshers’ Week (or more commonly known as, ‘Freshers’) is a week of events and parties organised by the university and the Students Union to welcome first year students. It's a time when new students, get the chance to explore their campus, meet peers, join clubs and societies, and attend various events and parties.


What happens during Freshers week?


There are so many different activities happening throughout the week, including social events and parties. You will also be able to sign-up to Student Societies, so whether you have a hobby that you want to continue or fancy trying something new you’ll find a society for it!


Your university will also organise campus tours, so you can learn how to get about ahead of the academic term. And don’t miss out on the freebies, as major brands attend and dish out free food, samples, and discount cards.


Freshers Week is also known for all the partying that goes on and you’ll get invited to loads of big ones. Some will be on campus in the Student Union, and some will be hosted at local clubs and bars.


What else happens during Freshers?


It’s not all fun, games, and free food. Freshers Week is the best time to take care of any ‘uni admin’ such as registering with the University, attending meetings organised by your lecturers and course tutors, open a UK bank account, if not done so already, and register with a doctor.


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