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Why GoBritanya?

GoBritanya is a leading student accommodation company based in Central London providing quality living to students from all over the world since 2013. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and continuous improvement to meet students’ expectations and guarantee an unforgettable study abroad experience.

100% Reliability & Excellent Quality & Focus on Safety and Wellbeing
ICEF registered service provider & Student Mind Corporate Member.

Student Focused Approach

Student Focused Approach

Student well-being is at the core of our operations.
Accommodation purposefully designed for students.
Student Mind corporate member.
First aid & mental health first aid trained staff.
Excellent safety record with no major incidents.
Signposting contacts within leading London universities.


7-days Cooling-Off Period; for Visa Rejections, we refund student’s rent (T&C).
We offer up to 4 instalments by default, and 6 by request.
Payment plan due dates are tailored to student loan dates.
Special arrangements offered to students with exceptional circumstances.
Student Support

Continuous Support

Student can reach us 24/7. We offer emergency phone number, contact details of “your accommodation expert” besides generic contract details.
Our sales team can offer support in student’s local language, including English, French, Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Ukrainian, Russian and more.

Transparent And Excellent Service

We operate with high transparency and always keep our students up to date.
ICEF Registered Service Provider.
We offer extra benefits, such as Extra cleaning, Welcome pack, Bedding pack, Kitchen pack, Travel Insurance, Airport Transfer, Serviced Apartments.
Excellent Service
Speed of Service

Speed Of Service

Same Day Check-ins and Urgent bookings are offered. We can process the booking in a couple of hours if needed.
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