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Fill out the 'Online Enquiry Form' through
Receive an offer
Pay the £250 holding fee and accept the offer
Pay the remaining balance 4 weeks prior to arrival date
Receive your confirmation letter
Ready to go!

Check-in check-out days are Friday for Brighton
and Saturday for London bookings.

Explore our residence portfolio below to find out which residences have Additional Facilities, such as Gym and Yoga Space, Cinema, Roof Terrace and Sky Lounge, Courtyard, Bike Storage, Games Area, Karaoke, Library and Meeting Rooms, Art and Craft Studio.

To find out more about our flexible booking and cancellation terms, visit our 'Booking and Cancellation' guide.
To find out if your desired residence is available during chosen dates, please visit 'Book' or 'Contact Us' pages.

Students who are booking and staying at our accommodation residences will receive extra benefits. No matter you are staying long or short term.

Cancellation policy:

Cancel within cooling-off
Full refund, including the Holding Fee. In other words, cancellation fee is £0

Cancel before 1st of June 2024
Full refund, except for the Holding Fee. In other words, cancellation fee is £250

We, unfortunately, do not offer cancellation for personal reasons outside cooling-off on or after 1st of June 2024. We can, however, offer a replacement option.

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Cancellation policy in case of a visa refusal:

Cancel within cooling-off
Full refund, including the Holding Fee. In other words, cancellation fee is £0

Cancel more than 2 weeks before check-in
Full refund, except for the Holding Fee. In other words, cancellation fee is £250

Cancel 0-2 weeks before check-in
Full refund, except for the Holding Fee and 2 weeks rent.
In other words, cancellation fee is £250 + 2 weeks rent

Cancel after check-in & not collecting keys
Cancellation fee is £250 + 2 weeks rent + accumulated weeks rent from your check-in date until the date you notified us

We, unfortunately, do not offer cancellation for visa refusals after you checked-in and collected keys. We can, however, offer a replacement option

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Academic Stay Booking?

Academic stay booking is a booking for 37 weeks or longer with check-in in August, September or October.

How do I secure an Academic Stay booking?

You need to pay £250 holding deposit within 24 hrs, sign contract with your guarantor and pay 1st rent payment by 30th july 2024.

What payment plans do you offer?

We offer various payment plans:
Instant Payment (2% discount): if you choose Instant Payment (full rent payment within 72 Hours), we provide a 2% discount on your rent.
Single Payment (1.5% discount): if you choose Instant Payment (full rent payment in 1 single instalment), we provide a 1.5% discount on your rent.
2 Instalments (same price): if you choose 2 instalments, your rent amount will stay the same. You will pay first half of rent before your check-in and the second part some time after your check-in.
3 or 4 instalments (2% interest rate): if you choose 3 or 4 instalments, we will apply 2% interest rate on top of your rent amount. You will pay your first instalment before check-in, remaining instalments you will pay during your stay.

Can I see amounts and due dates for each payment plan in advance?

When you receive an offer from us, you will be able to select a payment plan and instalment amounts with due dates will change accordingly. This way, you can check how much and when you will have to pay with each payment plan.

Can you tailor payment plan to my student loan?

If you require a tailored payment plan, you can discuss it with your personal Accommodation Expert. We usually require a proof of student finance to confirm your special arrangement.

What if I change my mind? Will I get a refund?

You will have a 7-day cooling-off period before 30th July 2024. This means that you will have 7 days to think and if you change your mind and cancel the booking, we will refund all payments back to you.
After 30th July 2024, you will have a 1-day cooling off period, meaning that you can cancel within 24 hours and receive the full refund.
You will also be able to cancel your booking up until 31st of May 2024, and we will only retain your holding fee. This means that if you cancel before 1st June 2024, we will refund you all payments except for the £250 holding deposit.

What if my visa gets rejected? Will I get a refund?

We have a free cancellation for visa refusals up until 2 weeks before check-in, we will only retain a holding deposit and refund everything else.

If I want to cancel, what cancelation fee will I have to pay?
What is the difference between Holding fee and Deposit?

Holding fee is credited towards your rent and Deposit is refunded after your check-out.


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What our students are saying

Excellent service. Recommended!

The people who helped me to sign the contract were always fast and effective. They provided me with quick information and helped to secure me a nice place In London at ease. I am very pleased with Mr Rahul and a few others who have given me everything I needed to know...

William Little
Trustpilot (GB)

My Staying Experience

The overall experience in the Chapter Old Street is good. Despite during the construction period, the construction team is not that professional because they leave some dust inside my room. Fortunately, the staff at the reception helped me resolve this issue.

Keyuan Zhang
LSE London

All Good

Good costumer service and always fast replies on Whatsapp.

Lisa Huss
Trustpilot (NL)

Service is quick and prices affordable

Service is quick and prices affordable. Student accommodation is located in the centre of London and has links with many other universities.

Iliya Urazova
Trustpilot (GB)

a great experience

The experience was very good, I made a series of payments very quickly and hope to have a good experience during the stay

Jingjing Mao
Trustpilot (GB)

The authorities are knowledgeable and…

The authorities are knowledgeable and helpful people. Everything has been considered for students. They also answer and solve all your questions quickly.

Ergin Erdoğan
Trustpilot (TR)

I am staying in their Kirby Residence…

I am staying in their Kirby Residence for 6 months, I am glad I found them, staff is caring, building is close everywhere! Thank you very much

Lieselotte Lorenz
Trustpilot (GB)

Very good

Good, i recommend it

Salmé Abdelnassir Azibert
Trustpilot (GB)
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